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Bulkmatic Vibrating Feeders (VF) - Motorised

Bulkmatic Vibrating Feeders are manufactured using the latest technology including CAD and laser profiling. Laser profiling is specifically used for the flanges, foot and motor supports and the rubber mounting brackets ensuring consistent, accurate and repeatable part size. Each feeder application is assessed independently and the feeder designed to suit the type of material and feed rate required. Vibrating Feeders are available as a tube or trough type and rely on two robust vibrator motors to generate the oscillating motion of the feeder. The feeders can either be foot mounted or suspended. The eccentric weight settings on the motors are adjustable to fine tune the required feed rate.

For abrasive materials the base of the infeed tube can be fitted with an abrasive resistant liner that will increase the life of the tube. The inlet and outlet are configurable to suit customer requirements. Bulkmatic vibrating feeders are available in mild steel or stainless steel. Feed into a vibrating tube feeder should preferably be controlled while the feed into vibratory tray feeders can be controlled via an adjustable spade plate on the hopper outlet. Vibratory tube feeders can be sealed by means of flexible couplings ensuring dust free operation.

Standard sizes include: 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400 and 500. Other sizes manufactured on request.