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Bulkmatic Vertical Elevating Screws (VES)

Bulkmatic Vertical Elevating Screws are used to elevate material into hoppers and bins that are installed at elevated positions that are not easily accessible. The discharge height can be manufactured to suit between 1000mm and 3500mm. An integrated rotating paddle fitted to the bottom of the loading hopper ensures that material does not hang up in the hopper and ensures even flow into the lifting screw conveyor. The inlet hopper is fitted with a grid for safety purposes. While providing protection for the operator the grid also prevents ingress of foreign objects such as pieces of the loading bag.

For mobile applications the unit is fitted with castors. Alternatively the unit can be bolted in position on fixed applications. The bottom of the VES Vertical Elevating Screws screw conveyor is fitted with an integral access and cleaning hatch and can be fitted with a safety cut-out on request. The cleaning hatch also allows for cleaning of the unit where the Vertech is to be used to feed different types of materials. A bag tray is fitted to the rim of the inlet hopper. This is situated at an ergonomic height and allows the operator to rest the bag without having to support the weight of the bag during the dumping process. Easy access to the drive mechanism and motor is via a back panel on the Vertech making maintenance easy.

Standard material of manufacture is mild steel. Stainless steel versions are available on request.
Standard size: Outlet 80NB, discharge height between 1000mm and 3500mm. 


Vertical Elevating Screws
  (MIN) (MAX) (MIN) (MAX)     (MIN) (MAX)     (MIN) (MAX)
VES-0100 1000 3500 1300 3700 700 1200 20 1175 960 114 155 210