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Bulkmatic Silo Safety Valves (SSV) - Gravity Operated

Bulkmatic Silo Safety Valves are used to protect bins and silos from overpressure and underpressure damage. Underpressure collapse of a silo may occur if a column of material that has hung up in the silo suddenly dislodges and slides down creating a vacuum above the material. For the prevention of overpressure damage the valve would typically be fitted to bins and silos that are fed by a pneumatic conveying line or fed from a bulk tanker. Optional weather cowls are supplied for outdoor applications. A rubber seal on both flaps ensures an air tight seal.

The overpressure valve pressure and vacuum settings can be adjusted by changing the weights fitted to the sealing flaps. Standard settings are at +1.5 kPa and –1.5 kPa. The unit may not be used as a substitute for an explosion panel for potentially explosive products in the bin or silo. Typical material of construction is mild steel. Stainless steel units are also available. The silo safety valve can be ordered as an overpressure valve, vacuum breaker valve or as a combination of the two.

Standard sizes include: 300, 400 and 500. Other sizes and configurations are supplied on request.


Silo Safety Valves - Gravity Operated
SSV-0300 405 3x125=375 315 415 245 340 12 14 45
SSV-0400 510 3x155=456 410 615 385 405 12 14 65
SSV-0500 610 4x142=568 510 710 480 475 16 14 90