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Bulkmatic Sight Glasses (SG)

Bulkmatic Sight Glasses are precision machined to fit O-rings that are used to maintain a positive seal between the end flanges and the borosilicate glass sleeve. Tie bars are used to keep the assembly rigid.

The replaceable borosilicate glass sleeve is manufactured to DIN standards and is particularly suited for abrasive environments as well as withstanding a large range of industrial chemicals.

Bulkmatic Sight Glasses are sized to suit nominal bore pipe sizes and are supplied with SABS 1123/1000 flanges as a standard. Other flange specifications can be fitted on request.

Material of manufacture is mild steel with an electroplated finish. Sight glass bodies made from stainless steel are available on request.

Areas of application include pneumatic conveying systems with pressures up to 60kPa and they can be used for visual inspection in material feed chutes up to 250 NB in diameter.

Standard sizes include: NB80, NB100, NB125, NB150, NB200 and NB250. Other sizes manufactured on request.


Sight Glasses
SG-0080 80 3" 350 8
SG-0100 100 4" 350 19
SG-0125 125 5" 350 22
SG-0150 150 6" 350 26
SG-0200 200 8" 350 40
SG-0250 250 10" 350 58