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Bulkmatic Screw Conveyors (SC)

Bulkmatic Screw Conveyors are available in standard diameters and are adjusted to suit customer requirements in terms of length and the inlet and outlet requirements. Screw conveyors are manufactured in a trough or enclosed tube type and can be supplied for horizontal, incline or vertical operation.

Trough type screw conveyors can be fitted with quick release lids while tube type screws can be fitted with inspection and material drain ports. The standard drive configuration makes use of a chain and sprocket drive while direct drive units with torque arm mounting and direct drive units with couplings are also available. The standard screw conveyors are fitted with a stuffing gland on both end shields and the outboard bearings are mounted on standoffs to allow easy maintenance access to the stuffing gland.

All incline screw conveyors are fitted with custom bearing housings designed to take additional axial shaft loading due to screw inclination. As a rule, all screw conveyors are designed without hanger bearings as these tend to create maintenance problems during operation. This necessitates larger shaft and corresponding casing diameters. This means that longer screw conveyors are generally more expensive in capital outlay than a corresponding screw with a hanger bearing. However, the cost of maintaining hanger bearings is often higher than the initial difference in the capital cost of the screw conveyor. This cost saving is often not taken into consideration when comparing the cost of a screw conveyor with and without hanger bearings.

Specialised screws such as cooling screws, mixing screws, live bottom screws, dosing screws, hopper draw-off screws, twin and reversible screws and de-watering screws are designed and manufactured to suit customer requirements.

Standard material of manufacture is mild steel but units can also be supplied in stainless steel. High wearing flight material is supplied as an optional extra.

Bulkmatic prides itself in evaluating each screw conveyor application and supplying the most suitable screw conveyor to the customer.

Standard sizes include: 80, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 and 600. Special sizes and configurations on request.