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Bulkmatic Paddle Mixers

Bulkmatic Paddle Mixers or “Pug Mills” are custom designed to suit client applications using in house design software. Paddle Mixers are used for continuous mixing of products.

The paddles are adjustable and fitted with a locking mechanism that prevents accidental rotation of the paddle. This adjustment is used to fine-tune material feed rates and material retention times.

Paddle Mixers can be fitted with spray nozzles for feeding water into the mixer. This is often used on dust suppression or ash conditioning applications.

The drive arrangement is fitted with a flexible coupling to absorb any shock loading and the paddle mixers can be fitted with rotation sensors on one or both shafts. Both the driven and non-driven ends are fitted with stuffing glands to ensure a dust tight sealing arrangement. The outboard bearings on the non-drive end are mounted on standoffs to allow easy access to the stuffing gland while the bearings on the driven end are housed inside the gearbox. This effectively keeps the main bearings protected from dust by means of an additional set of oil seals.

Standard sizes include: 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600. Other sizes and configurations are supplied on request.