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Bulkmatic Overpressure Valves - Gravity

Bulkmatic Silo and Bin Overpressure Valves are manufactured using the latest technology in laser cutting, water jetting and welding.

The overpressure valve is a cost effective valve to protect bins and silos from overpressure damage. Typically the valve would be fitted to bins and silos that are fed by a pneumatic conveying line or bulk tanker. A 100NB or 150NB mounting spigot is supplied with the valve depending on the valve size. The spigot can be welded to a bin or silo as required.

A sealing ring around the bottom perimeter of the weighted cap ensures that water cannot run into the silo during periods of inclement weather. A rubber sealing disc ensures an air tight seal. The overpressure valve is set at 8 kPa pressure. The unit may not be used as a substitute for an explosion panel for potentially explosive products in the bin or silo. Typical material of construction is mild steel. Stainless steel units are also available.

Standard sizes include: 100NB and 150NB. Other sizes can be supplied on request.

Overpressure Valves – Gravity
UNIT NO. NB A B (Suggested) C D WEIGHT kg
OPV-0100 100 4" 415 65 100 220 28
OPV-0150 150 6" 568 65 150 280 40