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Bulkmatic Lump Breakers

Bulkmatic Lump Breaker flange dimensions and heights are consistent with the standard range of Bulkmatic rotary vane feeders. This allows easy stacking of units to produce the required powder or granule processing configuration. The maximum lump size at the exit is determined by the grid size below the toothed shaft. The grid aperture can be manufactured to customer requirement and is removable from the bottom for maintenance and replacement. A sturdy coupling dampens the shock loading of the gearbox during the lump breaking process.

The Lump Breaker is designed to crush harder lumps such as material that form hard crusts as part of a process or as a result of moisture. The unit is not designed to crush mineral rock. A dedicated crusher should be used for this purpose.

Optional extras recommended on the Lump Breaker is the rotation sensor on the non-driven side of the unit. Standard material of manufacture is mild steel with Hardox or Roqlast teeth, grid and liners.
Stainless steel units are also available.

Standard sizes include: 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600. Other sizes manufactured on request.