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Bulkmatic Louvre Dampers (Motorised / Pneumatic / Hand)

Bulkmatic Louvre Dampers are available as motorised, pneumatic or hand operated units. They can be supplied with accurate positioning actuators or as a simple open / close configuration. The shaft stubs are bolted to the robust damper blades. This allows the blade to be replaced. The damper blade and casing flanges are lasercut allowing for precision fitting holes and accurate alignment of the shaft stubs.

An adjustable link mechanism allows for synchronisation of the individual blade angles. The shaft stubs are fitted with stuffing glands to seal against a pressure differential where necessary. The shaft stubs are bearing mounted and the non-driven shaft can be fitted with limit switches.

Standard round sizes are also available to match standard nominal bore ducting or pipework but non standard diameters can be manufactured to suit. This is particularly relevant where existing dampers need to be replaced. Material of construction is mild steel. Stainless steel and high temperature versions are available on request.

Standard sizes include: 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700 and 800. Other sizes and configurations are supplied on request.