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Bulkmatic Filling Pipe Assemblies

Filling pipe assembliesBulkmatic Filling Pipe Assemblies are used to secure the filling pipe of a silo from unauthorized access. An integrated limit switch can be used to sense when a filling hose from a bulk tanker is connected to the filling pipe so that the reverse jet pulse filter on the silo or bin can be started. A standard padlock can be used to lock the bracket in a closed position. Precision lasercut and bent sections are used for a quality assembly. The Storz coupling is a standard pressure certified 100NB coupling fitted with a blank cap.

Coupling seals are replaceable and the blank cap ensures that the pipe is sealed airtight between filling operations. A chain fitted to the blank cap ensures that the cap is not lost while filling the silo.

Standard flange is a BS10 table ā€œDā€ flange. Other flanges can be supplied on request.

Material of manufacture is mild steel. Stainless steel 304 or 316 units can be supplied for food grade applications.

Standard size is: 100NB Storz coupling with BS10 Table ā€œDā€ flange.
Other sizes and configurations are supplied on request.

Filling Pipe Assemblies
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