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Bulkmatic Drum Tippers

Bulkmatic Drum Tippers are designed and manufactured to suit customer specific requirements. The units can be supplied with various actuation options. The tipping action can be generated by electric motor, linear motor, pneumatic rotary or linear actuator.

The clamping device is designed so that the system is fail safe. Interlocking sensors are used to ensure that the unit does not tip if the drum is not secure or the operator has not left the tipping area. Drum tippers are particularly suited to applications where hazardous powdered or granular materials are to be discharged from drums into a process. Very often drums with hazardous or poisonous material are fitted with plastic liners for additional protection. These liners prevent the use of a vacuuming system as the liners would quickly block the vacuum nozzle. Integrated dust control is used to prevent emissions of potentially hazardous dust.

Tippers are generally designed to tip the drum only. In applications where larger, heavier drums are handled, a complete pallet with the drum standing on it can be tipped. This removes the need to manually manhandle the drum into the tipper and allows for safer and more ergonomically acceptable working conditions.