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Bulkmatic Diverter Valves - DVP Pot Type Pneumatic


Bulkmatic Pot Type Diverter Valves are used in higher pressure applications i.e. for diverting conveying streams on a dense phase conveyor and in applications where the branch conveying line needs to be 100% sealed. Bulkmatic can manufacture the branch angles to suit customer requirement. Standard angles are 30O and 45O .


A very useful application is the staggered outlet which has a slightly deeper “pot” but allows the diverting off a number of horizontal conveying lines with the diverted line offset to the horizontal lines thus ensuring that the lines do not clash.

The pot type diverters are rated at 3 bar pressure. The ball valves are actuated with Kinetrol rotary pneumatic actuators that can also be fitted with limit switches to indicate when the ball valves are open or closed. It is advisable to stop the pneumatic conveyor after purging the lines and then switch over before resuming conveying. Pinch valves can also be used in place of the ball valves should the client prefer this.

Note that this type of diverter tends to accumulate some product in the dead pot space so they cannot be used where product cross-contamination is an issue or in food product applications where the lines must be completely clean after purging.

Wear is reduced in the diverter as the material that accumulates in the “pot” generates its own wear lining. Material of manufacture can be mild or stainless steel. For abrasive applications Bulkmatic recommends ceramic lining on the inside of the pot. Sizes are available to suit standard NB pipe diameters with special diameters available on request. Mounting brackets are supplied attached to the rear of the unit. The cover is removable for maintenance and inspection purposes.