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Bulkmatic Diverter Valves - DVG Gravity Type Motorised

Bulkmatic Rotary type multi-port Gravity Diverter Valves are available with a single inlet and between two and six outlets depending on customer requirements. They are generally used for diverting material streams that are flowing by means of gravity.

An internal rotating chute is used to divert the material from one inlet to the selected outlet. A motor is used in conjunction with limit switches to ensure that the rotating chute stops at the selected outlet. These types of diverters are often used to feed grain from a bucket elevator outlet to multiple silos.

The rotating chute is a wear part on the diverter and is replaceable. The inlet and outlet chutes can be lined with ceramic for use with abrasive materials.

All parts are precision lasercut ensuring a quality unit where replacement parts fit first time. The diverter valve must be mounted in vertical position as shown.

Standard material of manufacture is mild steel. Stainless steel 304 or 316 units can be supplied for food grade applications. Optional extras include customer specific flanges on inlet and outlet pipes and ceramic wear liners. Sizes up to 1000NB have been manufactured.

Standard sizes include: 100NB, 125NB, 150NB, 200NB and 300NB.
Other sizes and configurations are supplied on request.