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Bulkmatic Bulk Bag Unloaders

Bulkmatic Bulk Bag Unloaders are designed for easy, semi-automated unloading of bulk bags. The bulk bag support frame is independent of the unloading frame and is designed to be transported by means of a forklift truck or lifted with a crane. The bulk bag is hooked onto the frame and the frame set on top of the unloading gantry on the standard version. Integrated spring columns are compressed by the weight of the full bulk bag after it is released by forklift truck. Bag opening is safely accessible below the compression tray. A material receiving hopper with an integrated dust extraction spout is fitted below the compression tray. As an option an integrated reverse jet pulse filter can be fitted to the bulk bag unloader. Once the bag is open material flows from the bag into the receiving hopper. As bulk bags empty they tend to elongate. This slack is taken up by the spring columns integrated into the frame. These slowly lift the bag as the load lightens and ensures that optimum material flow is achieved from the bag. Specially designed hooks on the top of the frame ensure that the tabs on the bags are securely fastened to the lifting frame even when the bag is empty.

For materials that are difficult to extract from the bag an optional vibrating bag discharger replaces the fixed tray.

Iris valves can also be supplied as an optional extra to give the operator maximum control over the amount of material discharged from the bulk bag. These are fitted between the compression tray and receiving hopper. Standard material of construction is mild steel. Stainless steel units are available on request. The outlet of the material receiving hopper can be connected to a pneumatic conveying system, screw conveyor, slat conveyor or to the top of a receiving silo depending on customer requirement.

Standard size allows unloading of bulk bags up to 1 ton in weight: Bulk bag size up to 1000 x 1000 x 1250mm are catered for on the standard frame.
Other sizes can be accommodated on request.