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Bulkmatic Air Slides

Bulkmatic Air Slides are available in standard sizes and are adjusted to suit customer requirements in terms of length. Air slides are manufactured in a trough form with the airslide material clamped between the base trough and the cover.

Support rods distributed along the length of the trough support the airside material. As an option the air slide material can be sandwiched between a metal grid for increased support.

Air piping is fitted to the sectioned base troughs. This ensures that the air is evenly distributed throughout the length of the air slide.

Hand operated valves on each of the air inlet manifolds ensure that the airflow can be adjusted during commissioning to allow for an optimum air flow distribution. Deflector plates ensure that the air does not impinge directly onto the air slide material at the air entry point. Air is supplied by means of a radial fan or by a roots blower.

Generously sized top covers allow for effective venting of the air that filters through the material that is being conveyed and prevents the feed material from being entrained in the venting air.

In conjunction with the Bulkmatic Air Slide Diverter and the Bulkmatic Flow Control Gate, the Air Slide becomes a flexible part of a materials handling solution. Bulkmatic can design and supply a complete air slide system.

Standard material of manufacture is mild steel but units can also be supplied in stainless steel. The standard airslides can handle aeratable material up to 154OC. With the use of special airslide material the feed material temperature may increase to a maximum of 260OC with intermittent feed at up to 315OC.

Bulkmatic prides itself in evaluating each application and supplying the most suitable air slide and equipment combination to the customer.

Standard widths include: 100, 150, 200, 300, 400 and 500.
Special sizes, configurations and temperature ranges on request.