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Bulkmatic Aeration Pads

Bulkmatic Aeration Pads are designed to be fitted to the cone of silos for efficient aeration of powdered product in the silo. Standard numbers are four pads for smaller silos, six pads for intermediate size silos and eight pads for larger silos. The mounting frames can easily be retrofitted into the cones of existing silos and the pad material and the air distribution box can be bolted on from the outside.

The design of the pads is such that the pad material can be replaced from the outside.

Aeration pads can be supplied as individual items or as a complete package which includes the manifold ring, fittings, rubber hoses and clamps. The manifold ensures even distribution of air to all aeration pads.

Optional extras include the air preparation station with solenoid valve and pressure reducing valve fitted to the inlet of the manifold ring. The manifold ring is supplied with four weld-on tabs that can be retrofitted to the standard silo cone angles where necessary. Material of manufacture is mild steel. Stainless steel versions are also available. High temperature ceramic pad material and high temperature flexible piping between manifold and pads are available on request.

Standard manifold outlets are: 4, 6 and 8.
Other configurations are supplied on request.