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Bulkmatic The Company

Established in 2000 Bulkmatic has introduced a revised and re-designed product range of equipment for the handling and processing of dry bulk materials.

Although technology is advancing at an alarming rate there is no substitute for experience. We combine both these elements to offer outstanding product quality and economy. Bulkmatic was founded by a team of dedicated entrepreneurs with a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the materials handling field.

The multidisciplinary design team ensures that the equipment is designed with the following considerations in mind – functionality based on over 34 years of practical experience in the industry, innovative and modern manufacturing methods and a constant awareness of the costs involved in manufacturing. With a fresh approach, old problems in industry are being examined in detail and new solutions found.

The new manufacturing facility provides industry with a choice: an extensive and complete range of equipment for dry bulk products handling. The modern manufacturing methods include 3D CAD prototyping and design, laser and waterjet profiling and modern welding processes. These allow production of parts with repeatable size and quality time after time. The benefits are twofold – it allows the equipment to be produced in a shorter time resulting in competitive delivery times and ensures that spare parts are usually available off the shelf and guarantees fast and simple exchange during maintenance.